Week 21 3/13

Howdy Folks,

This week we did not meet up since it was spring break! So today will be a short blog post. We are still continuing to read the article. Catch you next week with more information.

Signing out,

Maddie Cope


Week 20:3/6

Hello Everyone,

Last week we were tasked with creating a 1000 deals by 50 user matrix, then we had to populate each user with 30 random deals assigned a random number 1-5. And Im proud to announce we coded it it 11 lines of code!

CREU Blogpost

Our next week is spring break so we took it a little easier and just have a paper to read and comprehend!


See y’all next week!


Maddie Cope

Week 19: 2/27

Hello Everyone,

This weekend we presented at the Pi Mu Epsilon Regional Conference which was held at Youngstown State University. The presentation went well. We got asked some thought provoking questions but overall it was all good!

For next week the math students are supposed to make a matrix with 1000 deals and 50 users and then populate each user with 30 random deals assigned a random number 1-5 and then continue to work on trying to get the EDA with the time lasted.

Stay Tuned,

Madeline Cope

Week 18: 2/20

Today was the big day! We presented our presentation for our team members. Myself and Olivia Bindas will be presenting this weekend at the Pi Mu Epsilon Regional Conference.

Overall the rest of the team liked our presentation, it can be viewed

https://www.overleaf.com/read/swctmcwxfzgf here.

We did the whole thing in LaTeX in a beamer presentation!

Be ready to hear how it goes, during next week blog post!


Maddie Cope

Week 17: 2/13

Hello All,

Still working on the presentation for the Pi Mu Epsilon Regional Conference, we are working on the EDA still we are stuck on one part of it. We need to find the length of the deals but not all deal dates have ended so were trying to come up with a solution!


ALSO I don’t know if I have told you yet or not but we got accepted to present at NCUR this year in Georgia!


We are super excited for this and we need to get our website up and running so we can get things rolling!

See you next week!

Maddie Cope

Week 16:2/6

Great things are happening this week!


On Feb 23rd we are presenting out preliminary work at the Pi Mu Regional Conference at YSU. We need to make our presentation so we can present it next Wednesday at our meeting before we present it the following Saturday!

Stay tuned!

Week 15 1/30

Welcome back! The school semester is starting to pick up!

Last week we worked on getting the website to be up and running. The math heavy researchers of the team were tasked with doing exploratory data analysis on our almost 4000 deal json file.

In order to do this we first had to upload ourĀ  json file into python and then make a matrix with the deals we wanted!

Stay tuned to see how it turned out for us!

Signing out,