Week 26 4/17

Hello All,

Still no update, project still underway. We are approaching finals week and its been kinda stressful getting things done, but we are hanging in there. Hopefully next week we will have some solid progress.


Your friendly neighborhood CREU member

AKA Maddie Cope



Week 25 4/10


Same old same old at the YSU CREU, still working away on the website. Out backed developer coded it in Java and it needs to be coded in python, so that will take a minute to code.

Additionally, this weekend we presented at NCUR in Kennesaw Georgia, we had a wonderful time! Our talk turned out pretty well, we had about 15 people attend our talk and they asked insightful questions.

Next week, we are going to keep on coding things and hopefully soon we will unveil our website.


Stay tuned for our next installment,

Maddie Cope


Week 24 4/3

Hello Everybody,

Last week we were stuck and this week we saw the light! We were able to get our Pearson Correlation Coefficient.

Next we were looking to get the Nearest Neighbor Code to work and fingers crossed it gets done because next week we will be presenting in Georgia!

Our website is almost ready to go so hopefully it gets done soon…

See yall next week!

Week 22 3/20

Hello Everybody,

This week we met up. Elizabeth, our primary coder, was unable to make it because she was so sick so we did a google hangouts. We are still trying to complete the survey, but hopefully that will be done by Wednesday.  Once the survey gets done we will be able to send it out and start running the results in our coding algorithms!

The math students of the group were tasked with:

  1. Programming code to do the pearson correlation
  2. Programming code for Nearest Neighbor (if time permitting)

So check in next week to see how our progress went!

Signing out,

Maddie Cope

Week 20:3/6

Hello Everyone,

Last week we were tasked with creating a 1000 deals by 50 user matrix, then we had to populate each user with 30 random deals assigned a random number 1-5. And Im proud to announce we coded it it 11 lines of code!

CREU Blogpost

Our next week is spring break so we took it a little easier and just have a paper to read and comprehend!


See y’all next week!


Maddie Cope